for details on tracklists or to listen on, click on episode titles 🙂 enjoy!

ep 15

shainy sats - 15 - james blake, channel tres, amber mark, zelma stone, fazerdaze

hellloooo i am back after a few bumps in the road :') hope u still luv me


shainy sats - 14 - apre, floor cry, willie colón, against all logic

happy saturday!!! is everyone strugglin this week or is it jus me? oh well, ily still ~ enjoy!


shainy sats - 13 - 2018 by month - koop, clairo, mitski, tennis

happy end of 2018! enjoy my top plays by month from january through december

here's to a new year with more growth, happiness, and love than the last <3

ep 12

shainy sats - 12 - xmas special - of montreal, lcd soundsystem, the beach boys, the frights, rogue wave

enjoy some uncommon christmas specials amongst some classics 🙂 let's make a conscious effort to move the focus onto cherishing time with our loved ones and not getting lost in appreciating the things we may receive as a result. let's also be mindful that this is not such a joyous occasion for all - those who may have a rocky relationship with family, those who have lost ones dear to them, & those who simply do not celebrate

happy holidays ~ luv u!

ep 10

shainy sats - 10 - gus dapperton, jasper bones, daniel caesar, rex orange county

happy december! enjoy some tips on how to avoid falling victim of "cuffing" season 😉

this week's quote was by osho

ep 9

shainy sats - 9 - the dip, khruangbin, esg, todd terje, gramatik

fuck thanksgiving - this show does not support colonization or the gentrification of native american communities (and other marginalized groups). are you ready to fight? because i am!
hope you're making time for self-care this holiday season - time around family can be tough, but we got this! dance your ass off in this episode. luv u
this week's reading: still i rise by maya angelou

ep 8

shainy sats - 8 - fleet foxes, raveena, zayn, jorja smith, kandace springs

Haven’t been saying much about the fire because nothing is enough for what everyone is going through far and near. So many outlets have communicated effective ways of helping - I’m sure you’re doing your part, as we all are to the best of our ability. Hang in there, luv u

ep 6

shainy saturdays - 6 - miya folick, fantasy guys, dominic fike, peach pit

for when you're feelin like a fish on the sand

this week's poetry was by christopher poindexter


long lunch break - ocean beach at dusk

the long lunch break - ocean beach at dusk

quote by dr. sylvia earle, oceanographer and author of the world is blue

ep 5

shainy saturdays - 5 - research hour: paxico records - swarvy, ohbliv, djm trio, lionmilk, pax

it's research hour! tune in to hear about paxico records' inception, sound, mission, and artists


shainy saturdays - 4 - rebelution, iration, still time, steven alex

feel like sailin' away to live on an island, you know? let's vibe to this tribute to my homeland of fiji together

ep 3

shainy saturdays - 3 - sup dj eggs - chromeo, sithu aye, aesop rock, sir froderick

warm welcome to special guest dj eggs (benedict) - we love chromeo, queer eye, & friends!!!!

ep 2

shainy saturdays - 2 - tommy guerrero, afrolicious, ghostface killah, cypress hill, fantastic negrito

happy october!!!! only freshly released tracks in this episode! also send help - fantastic negrito is AT THE SECRET ALLEY as i record this and i am STARSTRUUUUUCK

ep 1

shainy saturdays - 1 - koop, bajka, quantic

debut episode featuring some acid jazzy action & me being the awkward turtle i am